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Blood Pressure, it’s one of those conditions that sits under the radar.  But more than  1 in 3 Adult Aussies it, and when they get diagnosed, they take pills.  Stop – you can choose another path.  Would you believe me that each one of the following steps can seriously drop your blood pressure?

  • .Raise your Potassium intake. Foods like tomato paste, potato, corn, nectarines, all bran, snapper and coconut water are ridiculously high in potassium.
  • Drop your salt intake.  Use other flavours from the spice rack, limit eating out and take aways and choose foods with <400mg sodium per 100grams
  • Weight Loss – for every 1kg drop, 1mmHg comes off your blood pressure.
  • Reduce your alcohol – up to 2 standard drinks daily is fine, anything more starts spiking your blood pressure.
  • Activity – 10 000 steps daily and / or get over 150minutes of moderate exercise weekly.
  • Want to take supplements? –  check out Aged Kyolic Garlic, Beetroot Juice, Coenzyme Q10.
  • Drop me an email [email protected]  if you want a personilised plan to drop your blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke, heart and kidney disease.
Rich tomato paste, one of the highest sources of potassium